Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Deals & Steals

I am on the constant lookout for a good deal and have become pretty adept at my bargain hunting skills. With the state of the economy I thought it would be a good idea to start sharing some of my secrets to getting the most bang for your buck! First we'll focus on a "when to buy" tip.

End of Season Purchases

I am now, and always have been an end of season shopper. While some things can be tricky to purchase at the end of the season (such as clothes) there are many other departments where shopping at the end of the season can be very beneficial.

This time of year a great section of the store to shop in is the lawn and garden section. Stores like Target (Garden Clearance) and Walmart (Garden Clearance) have good deals on products to use outdoors. Today we picked up a full size shovel from Target for THREE dollars! Do we need a shovel right now? Nope. Will we need one in the spring when we're working our landscaping? Yep!

Other seasonal items I focus on:

Holiday leftovers - my mom and I generally make the traditional day after Christmas shop to stock up on things like boxes, bows, and wrapping paper. I also REFUSE to pay full price for holiday decorations. I just pick up decor on clearance after the season is over to use for the following year. I also brave the stores the day after Halloween to stock up on clearance candy!

My Recent Deals & Steals

1. The 3 dollar shovel from Target
2. 4 dollar staple gun from Community Forklift - over 50% off retail and it's red!
3. Floor trim from community forklift @ 25 cents per linear foot - retail for a similar product is between .82 to 1.50 at Home Depot per linear foot.

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