Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday Madness!

So you all know by now that I love a good deal. So where else would I be on Black Friday than right in the mix throwing elbows and trying to distract the crowds by yelling something about the new shipment of flat panels on aisle three... ;)

Last year Micheal and I hit up Staples to get the few electronics we needed - this year we decided to brave the Arundel Outlet Mall. Turns out they open their doors at midnight on BF and all of their stores are open! Madness! We got there at 1am and the parking lot was already 99.99% full.

First we hit up The Children's Place to get some duds for my little crew.

We stood in line for over an HOUR!! It was insanity, they were actually taking credit card applications! -'s BF, check and go people!

Then we hit up Burlington Coat Factory and Books-A-Million and got some good deals there as well.

(Us having a good time in BCF - sorry it's blurry)

The...(dun dun dun..) We went to Wal-Mart. Oh yes - be afraid, be VERY afraid!

This was what we entered the parking lot to:

What a sight! The police were just there to help with security and monitor the crowds (13 police cars!!) and the firetruck and ambulance were coming for someone who slipped and fell.

They had opened the door busters early and the lines were already halfway through the store (because they hadn't opened the registers yet) so I decided that the Rubbermaid pack I wanted just wasn't worth it. All in all we had fun, it was definitely different to do a mall vs doing a major retailer. We'll be there next year again, who wants to go with?!

What was your best score for Black Friday weekend?

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