Monday, November 30, 2009

What we learned this weekend...

Thanksgiving Edition!!

1. Whoever sets the thawing "recommendations" for turkeys was a total liar or had a really sucky refrigerator. Three days in my awesome fridge and that turkey was still rock solid!

2. It's either a Thanksgiving tradition (or maybe it's just hereditary) that I must forget one thing on for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year it was rolls, year before I think it was sweet potatoes, this year it was green beans!! The crazy thing is I always actually HAVE the stuff, just forget to make it... (My mom forgot the canned cranberry sauce, I think it was on purpose though - she hates that stuff.)

3. When two relatively thin people meet an 11 pound turkey in a dark alley...the 11 pound turkey will win every time. (And leave you with TONS of leftovers!)

4. Raking sucks.

5. The doctor was totally right about leaves building up and molding - it's disgusting. I repeat...raking sucks.

Next year my friend - you will be ours...

6. Football season is negatively affecting our home renovation progress. People keep asking us how we're doing and...we're still working on that stinkin' trim...

7. Flat paint does not cover NEARLY as well as satin paint (3 coats later...)

8. Bright blue is a lot less overpowering in the little dot on top of the can than it is on an entire piece of furniture!

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The Shove Household said...

We pulled out the sauce last min and got rid of most of it... She must secretly love it and just didn't want to share. She wouldn't have thrown it away!?!