Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Inevitable Complications Associated with Purchasing a Foreclosure

I could go on an hour long rant about all the issues we've had with the bank, the listing agent, our bank, utilities, and mostly the settlement company (I'm that steamed). But I won't I'll just share with you the most recent installment of the saga.

See this?

It's a water meter and you need one for there to be water in your house. Yesterday we had one...today, not so much.

Here's the deal, WE were being the responsible ones and following up since we had yet to receive a water bill. I had contacted our settlement company twice and they indicated it was their responsibility and they were on top of it. A month later, still no water bill. We call again and they say they're overnighting the payment...sure...

So Micheal calls the water company directly to make sure everything was good to go. No payment received...and - our water isn't even supposed to be on! Whoops! We tell them the situation and they said to check in tomorrow to confirm the payment. And evidently right after we got off the phone put in an order to pull the meter...(insert choice words here).

So the payment arrived today and they took out the meter today (did not just turn off the water, TOOK our meter!) Oy. They sent someone back out to reinstall it. But SERIOUSLY - what did I pay the settlement company for?? HUH??

So here's the foreclosure tip for the day: You're going to have to clean up some messes so just prepare yourself for it. No one else is going to do it for you because once they unload that bad-boy, they're outta there. Keep records, document, document, document and dot your i's and cross your t's.

Okay, vent over. :)


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Ty and Sara said...

Ugh... that stinks. Sorry guys.

But on a good note I really like the new header and background on the blog. Looking good!!!

Amy @ Renovation Innovation said...

Hi Kari, just wanted to say thanks for stopping over at my blog and leaving a comment. Your house looks amazing - especially that lovely stream. I'm sure all the hard work will be all worth it in the end - at least that's what I'm hoping for our big renovation project too!