Monday, October 19, 2009

What we learned this weekend

We eased our way back into renovations this weekend after a nice weekend off, working on the baseboard and a few final pieces of trim.  We both also spent time working on our dressers.  Nothing too crazy happened this weekend, but here are somethings we learned!

1. A weekend of continuous drizzle (which is also a great name for a kid...drizzle...Glee, anyone? anyone??) can dampen anyone's spirits but makes for good motivation to stay in and do work.

2. Because of the previously mentioned drizzle (heh) we learned that we have very likely been successful in fixing the leak in our roof/bathroom!!

3. When working on a project with a power tool and something is not working right there are three things you should check for: 1. Equipment malfunction, 2. Materials problem...or...3. User error. ;)

4. Leaves make great fall yard decoration.

5. It's hard to regulate the heat in our house - keeping it at 68 it was a little chilly but turning it up to 70 for our guests made it very warm.

6. Transferring our cars to Maryland is going to cost about 600-700 dollars - it's highway robbery!!

7. We are no longer going to fight Moshe on his new hangout spot...he's being good...we know where he we're picking our battles.

Yes, that is the top of the refrigerator - he is a pain but so stinkin' cute!

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The Shove Household said...

I guess he can't hurt anything up there... and he is super cute.