Saturday, October 24, 2009

Goals for this Weekend

1. Finish the trim in the bedroom, 99% of it is up and nailed to the wall and we just bought some quarter concave at the Community Forklift for 25 cents per linear foot! This is a great deal and I think it will look much nicer than quarter round on the floor trim.

2. Finish both of the dressers - Micheal bought black paint and drawer pulls for his today. I think I'm going to try and put the pulls from the desk I just bought onto the dresser! Yay for reusing things!

3. Get some work done on our respective dissertations. It is VERY easy to let something like renovating a home take over your life. Especially when everywhere you look there is something to clean, fix, demolish, update... and there are still no "finished" safe spaces. But we need to remember that there are other important aspects of our lives that also need focus.

Foreclosure tip of the day: Make sure to find a balance!

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Ashley said...

Hopefully you accomplished more than I did this weekend.