Monday, October 26, 2009

What we learned this weekend

1. Even though the stain/poly blend goes on more like paint than should not be cleaned with water. Water+poly/stain blend = brown shellec-like substance. Micheal kept telling me "stop touching stuff!"

2. Wood glue lasts forever! Remember this when trying to remove pieces of wood from a well-built old piece of furniture.

3. Reliving your childhood can be fun and painful at the same time.

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The Shove Household said...

so did you deceide to clear the "lawn decorations" or just play in them??? Did your hands stay like that or did it wash off? and finally used furniture... Got a couch for $25 excelent condition, (white and clean), Pam found it at a garage sale. So we did not see it prior to delivery, looks great, smells aweful! smokers... any sugestions?