Monday, December 16, 2013

A Christmas Miracle! Our Preway Fireplace!

Back in February 2011 I posted this "wish" for a Mid Century Fireplace. The most popular are made by Preway or Malm companies. They are pretty tough to come by and are generally pretty expensive ranging from $400-$900 on craigslist and getting up into $1000+ range on ebay. We both occasionally go on a spurt of searching for one, however it is generally fruitless.

On Sunday I found one listed in Annapolis, in mint condition, 26 days ago, for $200. WHAT?! Well of course in my mind there is no way it's still available but I send an email anyway saying just that - "I'm sure it's no longer available but..." To my surprise he responds that someone is supposed to come get it tomorrow but if they no-show he'll call. We're in the running!! And with the high flake rate for craigslist buyers I felt like we at least had a 50/50 shot.

Turns out the person who was supposed to buy it was theoretically coming from Georgia and kept pushing back the date and the couple was tired of waiting so they said, if you can come get it today it's YOURS! After the necessary dancing we loaded up in the car, drove the 35 minutes to Annapolis and she did not disappoint.

We are literally giddy with Mid-Century nerd joy.

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