Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seen at an Estate Sale

I've decided to add a new category to the F2F posts...Seen at an Estate Sale. In the past several weeks we have seen numerous questionable design choices in the houses having estate sales, many of which defy a simple description. 

This weekend we were dazzled by the wallpaper in this bathroom, then we turned to see the recessed bathtub. This immediately elicited a "WTF... were they thinking." Maybe it's the result of seeing these tubs on a few bathroom renovation shows where the TV host is always dumbstruck when they see one, but I fail to understand the benefit of a recessed tub. Maybe they wanted to be able to sit on the side with their feet in the tub but didn't have enough marble to encase a standard "elevated" bathtub; or maybe, they wanted to maximize wall space for the floral wallpaper. Your guess is likely better than mine, so if you think of a reasonable or equally snarky explanation let us know. 

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Nutbird said...

This was considered very luxurious and chic in the early seventies. Did you notice that the tile doesn't really match? Might be the house of a plumber.