Monday, October 29, 2012

Batten Down the Hatches!

We're hunkering down here in MD waiting for Hurricane Sandy aka "Frankenstorm" bears down on the region. I was going to get up and drive to DE this morning, being the dedicated trainee that I am, but my division chief said stay home and stay safe. So now we're watching 24 hour coverage of Sandy and doing a little bit to prepare.

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy:

1. Obviously you want to make sure your cell phones are charged (and keeping things plugged in) - but I came up with the idea to charge my old cell phones as well.

That way, if we lose power and my phone runs out of power I can just switch the sim card to my old phone!

2. I'm making chili :) and plan to put the leftovers in the freezer, since we have a gas stove I can heat it up on the stove out of the freezer if the power goes out.

3. "Non-perishable" foods - When I went to the store they were out of water and RAMEN!! Okay, seriously people, I understand that Ramen is technically "non-perishable" but if you have access to boiling water (i.e. have a gas stove) you could do so much better!

  • New bottle of spaghetti sauce (no refrigeration needed!) and spaghetti
  • Canned Tuna and/or Chicken - as soon as power goes out, make chicken/tuna salad with your MW or Mayo before it goes bad. Or get packets.
  • Make a green leafy salad with your Tuna and/or Chicken, fruits and veggies will last a few days after the power goes out.
  • Again, if you have a gas stove, get some of the dried tortellini from the pasta section, small bottle of sauce. Voila!
  • Buy some nuts. Protein!

4. Water - We're using the Brita to fill the water containers in our house. I'm really not that worried about losing access to potable water, so I'm not brawling in the store over jugs of water, but might as well fill up what I've got.

5. Laundry - We did all the laundry before the power goes out. Gotta have clean britches!

6. Stationed candles where we would need them throughout the house.

7. Downloaded audio books to my tablet for entertainment if the power goes out.

Right now it's just raining and is kinda windy, but they keep reminding us, it hasn't missed us, it just hasn't hit yet.


We'll definitely have to use the new leaf blower once Frankenstorm retreats though!

We'll keep you posted! - Kari

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