Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Vintage Seiko "UFO" Watch

I'm not a watch guy, I've only owned a few watches. In the past year I have been looking at buying a vintage watch. I fell in love with the Seiko "UFO" Chronograph, so a few months ago I pulled the trigger and bought a 1976 version. I had bid on this watch, and as the auction neared its close I fully expected to be outbid, to my surprise I wasn't outbid and I won the watch at a significantly lower price than what they normally sell, guess this is the benefit of bidding on an item ending the day after you should adjust your clocks for day-light savings. I'm really excited with the watch, not sure I have a style, but if I do this watch compliments it well.

The watch goes by many names --- Yachtman's, SpeedTimer and "5" Sport Chronograph being the official names --- but is most affectionately referred to by collectors as the Seiko UFO. The watch is an automatic chronograph, so no battery or winding, simply wearing the watch and your daily movement powers its movements. Seiko was the first watchmaker to make an automatic chronograph available, beating Zenith by months, and Valjoux by 5 years.


Nutbird said...

Good for you! You deserve it after defending your dissertation. A nice gift to mark a milestone. Do they have ladies' versions? Ann

KLS said...

That would have been a nice dissertation gift had he waited until after defending to buy it :) But he DID get a fabulous PS3 from his wife in celebration of his amazing accomplishment! As for a women's version, I'll have to ask him!

Micheal said...

Hi Ann, I haven't seen a ladies version, but I imagine there are some cool vintage watches out there for ladies.