Friday, August 17, 2012

El Jueves Market in Seville, Spain

When in Spain in June we browsed the El Jueves market, the oldest market in Seville on Calle Feria. The eclecticism  is surreal, the El Jueves market sells an endless range of items ranging from elaborate religious iconography and antique glassware to broken toys and used mobile phone batteries. It's an informal market, there are no shops, no physical kiosks, where sellers cart everything in using crates and cardboard boxes and spread their items across folding tables or thin sheets of fabric spread over the pavement.

I was talking with the vendor about the pricing of the large Virgin Mary santos in the above picture when Kari walked up, I expressed interest in the statue she looked at me and with a smile and a laugh said "um, no." I am used to the "that will look great in your office" response. In hindsight I wish I had bought it, because it would look great in my office.

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Nutbird said...

I always told my husband he could put it in his bathroom. We have had to share a bathroom for the last 25 years. I hate it. I think a person should be allowed to buy something that really "smiles at them" We are still arguing over buying things. Did you ever manage to reupholster the sofa, or just throw it out? Ann