Sunday, July 15, 2012

Estate Sale Shopping!

Preparing for and going to estate sales on the weekends with my wonderful hubs has really been a saving grace to get me through the week. Speaking of weeks - can you believe I only have SEVEN WEEKS of internship left??? Crazy talk I tell you. Here are some fun things we have picked up over the past month.

  1. A 6 1/2 foot Silver Forest Aluminum Christmas Tree! - Cost $35
  2. Two Moroccan lamps - Cost $2.50 for the pair
  3. Fisher Price wind-up Music Box/Record player with all records - Cost $5
  4. Antique box on wheels - Cost $5
  5. Antique Bromwell crank sifter - Cost $1
  6. Antique car jack - Cost FREE!!

I have fun plans for all of these things! Just to clarify, the music box will be for our future children, not any that we are hiding right now and there is nothing in the oven. We both just saw it and said "wow I had one of those" so I bought it for nostalgia.

Most I bought at estate sales, although I got the awesome car jack (that I'm going to try and turn into a lamp somehow) for free at the Arlington Flea Market which happens on the first Saturday of every month. It was so hot last weekend everyone was closing early and the guy with the jack said "everything is free after noon." Score!


Nutbird said...

Does that mean you are moving home for good? Tell ys more about your future plans. I also hope that means you can post more. Ann

Kari said...

Hi Ann! I'll do an update post this week and I'm definitely hoping to post more!