Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

It's not everyday in your life that you are blessed with the opportunity to rekindle a relationship with a great friend from years past. Thanks to a random facebook post, a shared love of vintage memorabilia, and the power of the internet I was able to do this with my old/new friend Erin over at Grandma Great's Treasures. She recently nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.

It's funny how internet awards generally require the awardee to do something. :) It should definitely be like a slot machine instead and your computer spits out gold coins or cookies or something...

Anyway, :) First I happily link back to Erin's great vintage blog.

Second I tell you seven things about myself. I thought I'd share some things I've learned about myself since living alone for the first time in my life!

  1. I sleep the same way at the apartment that I do at home. Same side of the bed, start out facing towards "Micheal" then roll the other way.
  2. Cooking for one person is pretty much impossible. And I eat much worse when I'm not worried about what I'm feeding someone else.
  3. You can take the girl out of the messy, but you can't take the messy out of the girl. I know that doesn't really work, but it's true. Now we I know how the house would look if Micheal weren't there to keep me in line. He really doesn't know how it looks, I'm afraid if he did he wouldn't let me come home...
  4. I drink a lot of Dr Pepper.
  5. It's weird to not talk for hours at a time. At least when I had Kali I could talk to her, now it's just me, not talking...weird.
  6. I leave things open, cabinets, doors, cereal boxes. It drives Micheal crazy.
  7. I miss my husband, I miss my cats, I miss my couch, I miss my steam washer/dryer.

Now I'm supposed to nominate three other blogs - but it took me long enough to get this done so...I'm gonna punk out on that part. Thanks for the nomination Erin! So glad we've reconnected!

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Anonymous said...

I wish my computer spit out cookies and gold coins, too. It's amazing what we learn about ourselves in the still, quiet moments. Sometimes I just talk to myself when Glenn is at work and Liam is in bed. I'm so glad for our shared interests. :)