Monday, October 24, 2011

DC Metro Deals Under $100

Some Craigslist finds - since I don't have time to go grab this stuff up myself I'll pass along my finds to you!

Not quite the vintage "poof" but still a nice wicker accent - $30

A cute vintage dining set that would look great with paint and new upholstery! - $50

Vintage oval mirror that would look beautiful either cleaned up or spray painted. Turquoise? Yes please! - $24! Couldn't beat that at Marshalls!

While these aren't vintage they have that industrial AND I'm pretty sure are a steal at $50 for both.

TEN DOLLARS for this beautiful 1940s waterfall desk/vanity - WHAT?! Looks to be in good shape too.

Cutie pa-tootie plaid leather ottoman - $50 is a bit pricey for my taste, but it sure is sweet!

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Nutbird said...

I think we had something like that kitchen set in the late 50's. Good find. Ann