Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When does the fun stuff start?

So far this "stay at home wife" thing isn't all it's cracked up to be... I had visions of being super productive and knocking out DIY and crafty projects left and right to share with you guys! So far I've...

  • Taken in 8 years worth of dry cleaning (give or take 7 years and six months).
  • Made my Residency/Wilmington binder so I have all my moving and job docs in one place.

  • Dropped off all the random stuff we had sitting around to donate at the Salvation Army.
  • Went to IKEA to buy matching hangers for all my work clothes and my new closet.

  • Went to three different pharmacies to find someone that was smart enough to understand that if I have a prescription for Allegra-D I can buy MORE than one box!!
  • Dropped off my badge and final paperwork.
  • Canceled my KTag and got an EZPass.
  • Made Falafel.
  • Made one quick stroll through the thrift store and almost bought this cool pyrex.

  • Downloaded the Windows 7 software for my printer so I could print coupons I didn't get ot use.
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......have you fallen asleep reading this? I have... It's all stuff that needs to be done, so I'm knocking it all out. But tomorrow I tell you, something interesting will be done! :) And for fun, here is one of Moshe's favorite passtimes, kibble hunting. I took a screen shot of the elusive kibble because if you blink at the beginning of the video you don't see it, he's that fast.


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