Friday, July 1, 2011

Metro Steals (??)

I'm having trouble coming up with a name for recurring area specific thrift/CL finds that I want to post on the blog a bit more regularly. That way I don't feel as bad when I leave something behind. (No really, I do occasionally leave something behind...)

I thought DC Deals was cute, but in reality inaccurate since I rarely trek into DC to go thrifting. Since I live in the "DC Metro" area I went with Metro Steals for today, I'm going to try it on, wear it around for a while to see what I think. Suggestions are welcome!

I went to the Montgomery County Habitat for Humanity Restore and found some cute stuff. This is one of the best restores I've been to, particularly for furniture and appliances. Probably has something to do with being located in one of the most affluent counties in the US. Score for us!

The "steals" if you will...

Cute little midmod dresser, laminate top, the rest is wood $35.

Even cuter midmod dresser, but also pricier at $75.

Coordinating teak lamps (the wood is different colors) for $25/each, but right now they're having a 50% of lighting sale - score! At $25/pair I might be going back for these guys...

Nice brass lamp pair, would look great spray painted a bright color or oil-rubbed bronze. Also $25/each on sale for 50% off.

They have several boxes of this larger vintage-looking honeycomb tile, I didn't get the price but they're always very reasonable.

This set would be a great splurge for someone with a small apartment. Because they're clear they don't take us as much "visual space" thus making your apartment feel larger. :) (Or so I'm told by HGTV.)

I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend planned! Micheal and I are talking about braving the crowds to watch the fireworks at the National Mall. We'll see if we actually go through with it. :)

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