Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We have a visitor!

I'm kind of looking at the past 10 days like a mini-bootcamp for parenting. :) Granted I got to be the "cool aunt" and let him stay up, drink soda, say "yes" to a lot of cool things, but I also learned the more you say yes, the more you have to say no! We did LOTS of fun things and I took TONS of pictures, so prepare yourself. :)

Smithsonian National Zoo

Cost: Free! (Map $2.00)
Outside Food & Drink: Yes!
Hours: 10am to 6pm
Metro: Woodley Park or Cleveland Park Stops

We decided this was the lion version of Moshe!

On the way home we stopped at a frozen yogurt place, this is what Ezra got...


Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Cost: Free!
Outside Food/Drink: We brought our own lunch and ate in the cafe
Hours: 10am to 5:30pm (was open late our day until 7:00)
Metro: Smithsonian Metro Stop
Tips: Butterfly house is FREE on Tuesdays!

Tyrannasaurus Cafe Lunch

Big Bugs

The Butterfly House was free on Tuesdays so we checked it out, it was truly amazing!

I even made a friend. :)

Smithsonian Air & Space Museum - Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center

There are two buildings for the Air & Space museum, one on the National Mall and one by Dulles Airport. We were told that the one by Dulles was much better so we trekked out there.

Cost: "Free" ($15 to park!)
Outside Food & Drink: No, McDonalds
Metro: No
Tips: Flight simulator $8/pp and other VR machines $7/pp

We were greeted by this:

Awesome Planes

And the "coup de gras" the test space shuttle!

Baltimore National Aquarium

Cost: $25/adult regular admission $20/child regular admission (you can add dolphin show and 4D immersion for extra.) Parking garage $20 - $3 coupon=$17.
Outside Food or Drink: No, Cafe
Metro: No
Tips: Buy your ticket online and go on weekdays!

I love these guys...

Check out these fish!! They "spit" their prey off of low hanging branches!

After this we went for a paddle boat ride on the inner harbor, Ezra gave up paddling after about.....5 minutes. :)

WHEW!! Alright, and WWL this week:

  1. All nine year olds should try out for Jeopordy because they KNOW everything. Duh.
  2. Bedtime is very exciting.
  3. When I was referred to as "mom" I felt old but when the waiter called us "family" it made me feel warm and fuzzy.
  4. According to Micheal my purse is simply an extension of his pocket.
  5. Never take a 9 year old to a thrift store when he has money to burn, the have LOTS of CHEAP junk!
  6. Re-reading a chapter book from childhood with a kiddo is super cool.
  7. Having my mom come was the BEST idea ever!
  8. My sister Jolene is SUPER WOMAN! How she does this with four kids under 10 on a regular basis I'll never know (really, no more than 2 for me people!)
  9. When your alternator fries it can mess up the rest of the systems on your car.
  10. The more you say yes the more you have to say no! (Ah positive reinforcement at it's best!)
  11. If you don't plan on buying anything either avoid the gift shop altogether or go first so you get the disappointment out of the way early.
  12. Ezra's favorite part of the Air and Space museum was getting bacon on his cheeseburger.
  13. The word "technically" should be removed from the English dictionary.
  14. None of those little annoyances really matter, because man we had a good time!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun trip, I am sure he will remember that forever. Hopefully more than just the bacon though.
You are a cool aunt! Also, Ezra has an awesome name.