Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Twigs and Glass

I'm officially on summer break! I'm now working about 2.5 days a week and have the other few days free to tinker around the house and get projects done during the day while Micheal brings home the bacon. I mentioned here that I wanted to add some other items to our DIY'd floating shelves in the bedroom (instructions here.) So yesterday I set out to add something decorative with a recent garage sale find and some twigs.

I picked up the glass jar at a garage sale for a dollar and once we ran it through the dishwasher it was beautiful! I had some extra twigs laying around that I bought on clearance at Target so I thought I'd see if I could get some height on the bedroom shelves. But brown twigs? No thank you, that's so...forest. ;)

So I broke out some spray paint and did half grey and half turquoise to match the decor going on in the bedroom.

I really like how it looks, particularly the extra height it gives to the setup.

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