Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Update and WWL 5/31/11

Today is what my mom and I regularly refer to as a "Monday/Tuesday." The Tuesday after a long weekend that feels like a Monday, but generally is even worse than a regular Monday.

SO I wish you a HAPPY Monday/Tuesday and I hope you enjoyed your long Memorial day weekend! We were really productive this weekend!

The biggest step forward though was in the kitchen. When we first moved in we removed the sink cabinet in the kitchen to install a new sink, garbage disposal, and plumbing. Knowing that we were going to renovate the kitchen at some point we didn't put the cabinet back. So for a very long time our kitchen sink area has looked like this:

This weekend though, with the aid of the fabulous new table saw, Micheal knocked out the necessary pieces to put everything back together!!

Be still my heart!!

The original doors for this cabinet were water damaged, I tried to save them but could never get one totally smooth. So we snagged these guys for FREE off craigslist this weekend and will use our handy dandy router to cut them down to size.

I also whipped up a few new throw pillows for the couch - super easy "how to" coming tomorrow!

What we learned (recently):

  1. According to the 10+ mosquito bites I got in about a 20 minute period and the 90+ degree heat, summer is OFFICIALLY here!
  2. Always always check your extension ladder to make sure it's locked before you climb it.
  3. New screen doors cost about 40 bucks...
  4. While HGTV is motivating...we actually get a lot more done when we turn it OFF! :)
  5. One of our outdoor spigots is leaking inside (awesome).
  6. Wendy's can run out of Frosties...(there should be a law against this)
  7. When discussing dinner plans with a friend and her husband, if you ask if she is "adventurous" you should specify that you mean in regards to food choices. ;)
  8. Weed-whacking is an acquired skill.

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