Monday, May 30, 2011

Hey Hey Hey....Goodbye....

After our unsuccessful attempt to pull the evil holly trees with the trunk, Micheal decided it was time to get serious and called out a few landscaping companies to get quotes to get rid of those buggers.

Turns out that not only are they aggressive, annoying and prickly, they're also diseased. Awesome. It's a long drawn out story, but a quick breakdown is:

Tree disease --> sticky leaves --> attracts small bugs --> which attract spiders --> which attract flies and hornets.


He also said that they're way to close to the house and we needed to move anything that we planned on replacing it with out further into the yard. We got about 5 quotes ranging from $300 to $1000 but since we're no longer trying to plant a tree in the exact same spot we decided to take on the job ourselves.

So we plugged in every man's favorite tool [reciprocating saw] and cut down the tops of the trees, leaving the truck to use as leverage for pulling out.


I'm so so so happy they're gone!! My brain is already buzzing with ideas for landscaping, lighting, a wood porch, plants, power-washing... Just more to add to the ever-growing list!

(Gratuitous husband plug to follow, if you're easily nauseated by spouse to spouse messages, stop reading here...)

A big thanks to the hubs for braving the trees and getting rid of them for me - as soon as he chopped into them they started fighting back, bugs were everywhere, it was super gross. I stood back and took pictures at a safe rock babe!

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