Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Update & WWL 4/25/11

Ciao! What a weekend at the Struemph House! Saturday we started the process of tiling - I left Micheal to measure and plan (two of his many strengths!) and went to Miss Clara's first birthday party! I got a little crafty with wrapping her gift...

When I got back it was time to take the plunge! Mix thin-set, lay tile, and 9 hours later...

A 2am photo on my phone - but so beautiful.

After the necessary time to set had passed it was time to grout! Seriously, I'm so tired. But it was so worth it.



Moshe had to try it out as soon as he was allowed back in! Forgive the non-full kitchen pics but all of the appliances are still out because we still have to seal the grout. So another two days without a dishwasher, water, and fridge in the kitchen. Chinese takeout anyone??

What we learned:

  1. Start laying tile before 3:30pm - quality of work declines once midnight rolls around and you're still running the tile saw in the dark and the rain.
  2. Don't ask your husband to move a solid sleeper sofa the day after laying tile for 9 hours - if he's amazing like mine he'll do it but he won't like it.
  3. When strength and stubbornness fail, there is always ingenuity.
  4. Don't use a rubber mallet to try and squish down your tile that is setting too high - the stand and wiggle method works much better and is much less destructive.
  5. Backbuttering is an art.
  6. Being the grout sponger is messy business.
  1. Don't try to take a picture of your leg looking down, it is not a flattering angle.
  2. I like my thin-set Frosty consistency as opposed to peanut butter consistency.
  3. Take pictures at the beginning, at the end you just want to get done so the motivation to take extra time for pictures vanishes quickly!

And I'm spent... How to posts on floor prep, laying tile, and grouting to come.

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