Monday, April 18, 2011

I hate it when it rains in DC

So when it rains in DC everything stops and everything is excused.

"I'm sorry I'm 45 minutes late for my appointment, but it's RAINING!"

"I'm not going to go to the grocery store, can't you see it's RAINING!"

"I know I shouldn't have robbed the 7-Eleven at gunpoint...but it was RAINING!!"

Okay so maybe not so much on that last one, but the rain foiled our weekend plans on installing our brand new, fabulous, beautiful, non-contractor dirty beige tile.

Isn't it lovely??

It was scheduled to arrive between 9 and 12 but didn't arrive until 6 - so we sat around all day with our laser level, chalk snapper, grout, etc etc etc for nothing. And we really needed the full two days to do the measuring, dry fit, laying of tile, and grout so instead of trying to SQUISH it all into one day we have postponed until next weekend.

The weekend was not a total loss though! Micheal found his "dream saw" on craigslist, barely used for about 30% of the price so we trekked up to Brookeville, MD to snag a beautiful, new-to-us Ridgid 10 inch table saw. (Insert manly grunt here.) He wants to do his own post to show her off so I won't post any links or pictures.

On our journey we learned that we lived on one of two "Highways to Heaven" in the DC area! On the 15 mile stretch between our house and hers there were THIRTY-SIX churches!! Including:

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Photo Source Astrom DC)

The Prayer Stop (Photo Source The Enigmatic Travelor)

Along with 34 other beautiful churches including a Mosque, several Seventh-Day Adventist churches, another gorgeous Ukrainian (non-orthodox?) church with a full wood (teak? cedar?) exterior. It was actually pretty humbling to see people of so many faiths celebrating in one area.

Other things we learned:

  1. Don't drive down a road with 36 churches on a SUNDAY and expect to make it to your destination on time.
  2. Having as many stairs as we do SUCKS it comes to delivery time and the guy wishes you luck as he drives away... (grumble)
  3. Stubbornness is truly an excellent substitution for strength.
  4. Never underestimate the ability for a power tool to make a man giggle like a school girl in the privacy of his own home.
  5. Streaming Netflix is dangerous!

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