Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Update 1/30 & WWL

Hola! Ciao! Hello! How are you all this fine day? Me? Thanks for asking, I'm doing great. No more traveling, no more marathon interview days, no more rental cars, and no more hotels (all though room service was delish!)

Now to dive back into home projects, and TRUST ME there is plenty to keep me busy (and hopefully you entertained) until I start internship (hopefully) in July.

I've got lots of fun things to share with you this week including my best craigslist find yet, our little snow disaster, dining chair full pad replacement and reupholstering tutorial, and for today....


A brief reminder of the old:

Friends and family have been hounding me for updated pics so I cleaned up today and snapped some update shots.

Hello my beautiful orange kitchen! Below I've highlighted some things to check out.

Some more pics...

I've officially deemed this my baking corner! The extra 3 feet of counter space we added is ah-mazing!

Check out the longer handles we put on the drawers compared to the matching smaller ones on the cabinet doors.

The view to the living room - keepin' it real with the kitty dishes :)

The view from the living room

So what do you think? We reached that point about 2 months back where everything was functional so we really became complacent with moving forward. But now we're both motivated to get'er done!

What have I learned over the past few months...

  1. They don't have small vehicles for rent in TX (or at least the weekend I was in Houston) - hope you can drive a truck (or take a cab...)!
  2. Big fluffy pancakes delivered to your room before an interview are amazing.
  3. If you're flying Southwest you'd better get in the A group or you're gonna be riding bitch fo-sho.
  4. The brush attachment on our vacuum has a long and a short option! Who knew?! (Well, Micheal did since he showed me...)
  5. It's really hard to make decisions that will set you and your family's path for at least the next two years if not longer.
  6. Parking is a SUPER motivating benefit!
  7. I could never have a career that required me to travel regularly.
  8. If you're looking for a cat in our house, check by a heater vent. Kali and Moshe have taken to lying on their backs and heating up their bellies.
  9. Angry birds? Yes please!!


Jimmy and Amie said...

Looks amazing Kari!!!!

Kari said...

Thanks Amie!!

Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed said...

Love it! The orange is awesome.

Sara Beth said...

I keep looking at this kitchen. I'm in love!