Thursday, January 20, 2011

My House Sits Quietly...

...while I travel about the US trying to convince different children's hospitals that I would be an excellent addition to their staff for the next year. The great news for me, Micheal, my kitties and YOU is that tomorrow is my LAST ONE! Which means we can get back to finishing up the kitchen and other projects around the house!

Here's a quick peek into the past three weeks of my life:

Interview #1 - St. Jude's Research Hospital, Memphis TN

Interview #2 - Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD

Interview #3 - Alfred I duPont Children's Hospital, Wilmington DE

Interview #4 - University of Louisville Health Center/Kosair Children's Hospital

Interview #5 - Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City MO

Interview #6 - Texas Children's Hospital (Baylor Psychiatry Department), Houston TX

Interview #7(tomorrow) - Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City OK

I can't tell you my favorites because of APPIC rules (and because I haven't totally decided yet..) but they're all really great training programs. After I'm done with interviews I rank the places I interviewed in order of preference and submit to APPIC. Then each site ranks all their interviewees in order of preference and submit to APPIC. Then a big computer mushes all that info together and spits out an email that (hopefully) tells me where I will be spending the next year of my life. As you can see there is a good chance I'll need to move, but never fear! I can always blog about decorating a small apartment on a tight budget when you're working 50-60 hours per week!! :)

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