Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hello? Bueller?

Anybody home??

Yes we're still here and surviving, barely. Pretty much everything (renovations, blogging, cooking, sleeping) has been on hold for the past few weeks while I worked towards my dissertation and internship deadlines. I submitted a full draft of my dissertation on Monday at 2:15am and have submitted 7 out of 14 internship applications. So I was able come up for air long enough to say hi!

Micheal was able to make some progress on the kitchen while I was dissertating - we have FOUR cabinet doors hung now! :) Sadly I don't have many pictures to share, any of me would have been pretty scary since I have lived in sweats on the couch for two weeks.

So I will share kitties. :)

They love this chair!

We also have been going to estate sales for fun breaks on the weekends (I know, we're dorks) and have picked up a few cool items. Micheal's keen eye got us one item for $4 and when we got home and looked it up it was listed online for $275! Quite a deal! :)

We're ready to go back to kitchen reno this weekend so hopefully will have some pictures to share!

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