Saturday, October 16, 2010


Is coming to a town NEAR ME! If you live near me it's coming to a town near you as well. I love love love this grocery store. A Wegmans was built in Fredericksburg about 3 months before we moved away and I was so sad to leave it.

So imagine my excitement and surprise to get this in the mail!

The part that's covered up says that it opens October 24th!

Grocery shopping next weekend! Seriously, if there is one near you and you haven't checked it out go do it. NOW.


Pigeon said...

We used to live 6 blocks from Wegmans in our old house. Now we live 40 miles from the nearest Wegmans. We are looking at moving again, and I have told my husband that proximity to Wegmans will be an important factor in buying the next house. (I am so serious. :-)

I miss the prepared foods section. And the brioche. And the rosemary bread. The apple cider bread. Their bakery was amazing.

Kari said...

Pigeon - I'm so glad someone shares my love of Wegmans!! We were in the same boat as you with the closest being an hour away, maybe you'll get lucky and they'll open one closer too!