Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 6 - Final Day

The last day, what to do, what to do... Eat, shop, check out some modern art, stop for a tea and hot chocolate, go do some thinking, and go out for a great dinner! OKAY!

Our first stop called out to us from across the street:

How could I resist the Morgan store??

Next we headed to the Pompidou Museum of Modern Art. Mostly we were attracted to the cool entrance!

You walk up the tube to get to the art!

Here we are having a picnic lunch with the pigeons in front of the Pomp.

We headed into the museum only to be distracted by the gift shop - but in our defense, it had some cool stuff!

The Parisian solution to not having a yard to garden in!

Or plant a tree!

Did your shovel break?

Use it to make a...serving dish?!

Here is a little tour of the museum of modern art, these first paintings I thought were nice, but as things progressed we got to a lot of stuff that I did NOT "get"

Of course I loved the furniture they displayed. :)

This on the other hand... Art?

Next we headed to the Musee Rodin where "The Thinker" is proudly displayed in the garden. I learned something I didn't know about The Thinker from Steve's Guide to Paris - The Thinker was actually intended to be part of a large recreation of "The Gates of Hell" inspired by Dante's Inferno.

Here is model of what the finished product would have looked like - with the scale of The Thinker compared to this model the finished piece would have been enormous.

See The Thinker there at the top?

I think the rain gave it a cool effect. :)

The detail is astonishing

Again I stopped to take some pictures of flowers...

...and Micheal took a moment to contemplate life's great mysteries with the most pensive man of all times.

When we left we did a little window shopping and found some cool modern shops.

LOVE these starburst mirrors

Funky lamp, don't even think about asking how much...

Micheal liked the funky colored hanging lights

Liking the glass shelf

Then we headed back to the hotel to get changed and a little dressed up for our last night out.

We had planned on going fancy, but fancy just seemed to elude us this trip. Which turned out to be great on this dining trip. We had the most delicious cheeseburger, fries and wine AND amazing service (hard to come by) at The Royal Turenne.

Then we headed home to pack up and say goodbye. It was a great trip, thank you for letting me write it all down so we can look back on it and remember fondly our first trip to Paris.

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