Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 7/26/10

What a weekend. After my post on Saturday things started to improve. As we started making visible progress I started feeling better. We were doing really well on Sunday and then BAM(!!) WDC/MD/NOVA were hit by a tornadic strength thunderstorm that knocked out power for over 265,00 residents including yours truly. So at 3:30 when we had just run out of gray primer the lights went out for Team S. We didn't give up though, we painted cabinet doors with the waning bits of sunlight and then finally gave up.

Goals from last week:

  • Prime and paint upper cabinets. - Haven't committed to a paint color yet and I want to paint it all at the same time. Paint color has been chosen and the painting process has been started.

    Swiss Coffee from Glidden

  • Repair, sand and prime kitchen walls. - 99% of the walls are primed...then we ran out of gray primer and power.
  • Prime all cabinets and cabinet doors. - DONE!
  • Paint walls. - I'm going to blame it on the power going out. ;)
  • Order hardware. - DONE!
Not too shabby!! We actually got another big thing done too:

I love it!

Goals for this week(end) - Micheal will be helping out his friend Jeff one day this weekend install a bath fan (maybe I can talk them into taking pictures for a "how-to!") so I will lose him for one day. But there is PLENTY of painting to do so I'll be busy.

  • Finish painting all cabinets (it's taking 3 coats.)
  • Finish priming kitchen walls.
  • Buy hinges.
  • Finish the window pass throughs with sheetrock.
  1. Jeff makes a great vacuum holder (usually my job!)

    You can't see it...but he's holding the vac while Micheal cuts.

  2. People in Maryland go to the basement when there is a tornado warning - HA!
  3. Most people don't know or don't care about the "if a traffic light is out treat it like a 4 way stop" rule.
  4. I have bugs in my squash plants. :( They're dead.
  5. Target has generators to be able to run their cash registers in case of a power outage! We went shopping in the dark. :)
  6. Kathleen and Jeff are big chickens and didn't jump at the chance to use the sawsall or the Dremel multi-max!

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Kathleen said...

Hey I resent the "big chicken" comment! PERHAPS if it didn't involve cutting a hole in your kitchen wall I might have been more eager to jump at the chance to use power tools. I was worried about just screwing up the painting! :)