Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 7/12/10

How is it July 12th already?! This summer is flying by and we're almost one year anniversary in this house! We had a VERY busy weekend and I feel like we made some great progress.

I didn't set any goals before I left for KS so that makes anything we did this weekend gravy! Woo hoo! So what did we get done?

  • Remove, sand, prime all upper cabinets.
  • Sand and fill all upper cabinet doors and remove lower cabinet doors.

  • Empty all cabinets and set up our new "pantry."

  • Cut down the basketball pole in our back yard.
  • Cut down the huge ugly antenna on our roof.
  • Finish repairing the buffet turned TV cabinet.
  • Sell the old buffet on craigslist!
  • Watch Couples Retreat. (Great movie!)
Whew! And now we're exhausted... But we're on a roll so no stopping now! Goals for the next week:
  • Prime and paint upper cabinets.
  • Repair, sand and prime kitchen walls.
  • Purchase new counters!
  • Replace light switches and outlets in kitchen.
  1. Selling stuff on craigslist can be super annoying.
  2. I have VERY little patience for prep work. I know it needs to be done but I get all irritable with sanding...filling...sanding...taping...sanding...
  3. Our hornets have relocated into a rather curious and annoying place - the bathroom vent pipe in our roof! That made for some nervous homeowners who gently exited the roof.
  4. As much as I complain about Moshe, I would be heartbroken if we lost him.
  5. Under the teapot contact paper there was psychedelic mushroom contact paper! Where did they get this stuff?!
  6. It takes two run-throughs of the Glee 1 CD to paint six cabinets.
  7. A clean window is a thing of beauty!

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