Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dining Room Chandelier

Now, you might be shocked to hear that we're not currently in love with the 80's fabulous brass chandelier in our dining room:

But it doesn't exactly jive with our new style so we've been searching for something to replace it. Unfortunately mid century inspired light fixtures don't pop up on craigslist too often. :( So we've been searching the internet but since the popularity of this stuff has gone through the roof, so have the prices. Micheal found this one though yesterday that we like and the price is kind of reasonable (it's all about perspective) at $115.

We found it at allmodern.com which has an abundance of mid century decor! We're not clicking the ship button quite yet (free shipping, woo hoo!) but it's added to the saving goal list!


Pigeon said...

what about Ikea? The Fillsta and the Knappa pendant lights are similar (and way cheaper).

Ashley said...

Love it! And I agree with the PP – Ikea totally has them. :)

Red said...

Pigeon beat me to it. I know everyone and their mother has one, but those ikea fixtures are very similar.

Kari said...

Hey all, thanks for the IKEA suggestions! We actually went to IKEA this weekend to check out their light fixtures and decided we wanted a something a little more substantial for over the dining table. The IKEA lights have a cool look from far away but up close you really see the self-assembled construction. Although the $39 price tag is appealing!