Thursday, July 15, 2010

Reciprocating Saw Fun (Insert Manly Grunt Here)

Micheal needed to use the reciprocating saw to cut a screw in one of the cabinets where the head had broken off. So we headed to the store and got a few new blades.

Once he turned it on he got that gleam in his eye...(ladies you know what I'm talking about) and after the small screw cutting he looked outside and said. "You know, we could always cut down the basketball pole in the backyard..."

WOO HOO! After that was done he looked up at the roof - "You know, we could also cut down that ugly antenna."

Gotta love it. :)

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Tricia (tbridetobe) said...

Wow, that antenna is a blast from the past! I bet you are glad to see it go. Our neighbors have 2 of those rusty basketball poles in their backyard, maybe I should leave a printout of this post as a hint...