Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Update & WWL 6/7/10

We weren't quite as productive this weekend because we had to work in mowing the lawn. Let's check in on the goals from last Monday:

  • Final sand and stain nightstand - Sanded and waiting for the first coat of stain to dry!
  • Finish painting side stairs - Nope, I'm blaming this on the rain on Sunday...
  • Measure outdoor cushions for recovering & order fabric - Will be putting up some potential patterns for some reader input.
  • Finish touchup paint on MBR Ceiling - Micheal got this done!
Goals for the upcoming week(end):
  • Finish painting the side stairs (carryover)
  • Sand & Paint the MBR and MBath Doors
  • Sand & Paint the MBR door jamb
  • Find a planter for my poor parsley and basil, they're wasting away
  • Finish nightstand
  • Fashion some plant stands for my ever growing garden!
What we learned:
  1. It only takes birds a WEEK to be born, grow their feathers and fly the coop. How sad, I'm already having empty nest syndrome and I don't even have kids!
  2. I have my first tomato!!

  3. We don't have fiberglass insulation rather we have rock wool insulation which is evidently really nasty. It's going to cost about $1000 to have it all sucked out.
  4. Mistakes sometimes equal character. :)
  5. The gray squirrel in our back yard is a bully.

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