Saturday, June 5, 2010

Therapy is a Sledgehammer

We affectionately started referring to the downstairs bathroom as Gitmo because of a few defining characteristics. This weekend I decided to tear down the walls.

The interfacing walls were unfinished in the utility room, revealing what I thought was superficial water damage. Once I started tearing out the wall I found that a section of the framing on the floor was deteriorating. I also found a questionable repair to a copper water line—the pipe was wrapped in rubber with an adjustable house clamp—that was slowly dripping. I tore out the finished ceiling and started on the outside wall.

This section was far worse because of the black mold—probably the result of framing the window with sheetrock. After removing the sheetrock, the tar paper, fir strips, and a few studs were next.

Not sure what the overall design of the room will be but I would like to find a toilet to match the turquoise sink.

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The Shove Household said...

I'll tell Jason to be on the lookout for a toilet...