Monday, May 24, 2010

What We Learned this Weekend

1. Our weed whacker wasn't broken...just lazy. And still is lazy.

2. Always check to make sure you have kitty food before you start partaking of the adult beverages for the evening.

3. It takes us about an hour walk to make the 1.2 mile trek to the Safeway, buy Fancy Feast, and get home. (Don't drink and drive people!)

4. It's okay to admit defeat.

5. While those peat pots that plants come in now are biodegradable, they stunt the growth of your plants. But also make it really easy to replant in the early stages as the roots are all still in the pot.

6. You should never listen to your brother (I think Olivet would agree with me.)

This is my awesome brother Jason acting like a spazz on Christmas. My niece Olivet, acting on behest of her older brother Ezra jumped out of a swing this weekend fracturing her elbow.
Doesn't he just look like trouble? ;) I could have told her big brothers are just always out to get ya...

7. A little landscaping goes a long way!

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