Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Clarification

I've gotten some feedback that would lead me to believe that my last few posts have been kind of confusing. I blame it on that whole "it makes sense in my head" phenomenon and not having more time to read over my posts before I click publish!

Clarification #1:

On Saturday we decided to suit Micheal up so he could begin the process of removing the old fiberglass insulation from the attic, hence the "alien suit." :)

Being the doting and concerned husband that he is, he was pretty adamant that I not partake in this part of the process so he tried to go it solo. This lasted for about 15 minutes before he decided that him baking in a cloud of fiberglass fog for the next 3 weekends was not high on his list of fun things to do. Enter our search for the insulation removal company:

Clarification #2:

This cutie-patooty...

...was at her grandma's house this weekend and after some urging from her older brother decided to jump out of a swing. She may have fractured her elbow. I was trying to poke fun at my brother in the WWL post because he talked me into all kinds of things when we were young.

Hope this helps, if there was anything else that left you saying...HUH? Let me know!

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