Monday, April 12, 2010

What We Learned this Weekend

We had our second visitors this weekend! My Mom and step-dad came out to see our house for the first time. They are co-owners of a real estate agency in Topeka, KS so were going a bit crazy when we were buying a house out here on the east coast and they couldn't be here. I'm so glad they got the opportunity to see it!

What we learned:

1. According to the "experts" ;) we have a lot of good "usable" space.
2. The pictures of our kitchen make it look a lot worse than it really is and the pictures of our back yard make it look much bigger than it actually is (according to Mom).
3. If you're going to eat dinner in downtown DC on a Saturday night, reservations are recommended. :P
4. Our mangled leggy bushes are azalea bushes! Still too leggy and overgrown to keep, but they're giving me pretty flowers for now!
5. A tiny green plastic bull can entertain people for hours! (Or at least me...)
6. When you find a table on Craigslist - POUNCE!
7. Our guest bath does not have a diverter for the tub, so even though we "fixed" it we still couldn't use it!

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Michelle said...

I just found your blog. Can't wait to see the transformation. We just finished fixing up a foreclosure to sell. Come visit my blog if you'd like to read about our project.

Enjoy the process!