Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sneaky Peak

So I have been on the hunt (on craigslist of course) for a dining room table and chairs for the past two weeks. It was my goal to get one before my mom and step-dad got here so we wouldn't have to sit on the cat scratcher and recycling bin like when Jason and Jolene visited.

It was intense! Dining table and chairs go FAST on craiglist!! They're either listed for $1000 or less than $200 - if you're going after one less than $200 you'd better be fast. We initially started out emailing tables about similar to this:

Modern, clean simple lines, dark finish.

The emailing process went about like this:

Table #1
Me: Please I want to buy the table!
Seller: No response
Me: I REALLY want to buy the table (insert funny email quip here)
Seller: No response
Me: Crap they must have sold it

Table #2
Me: Please I want to buy the table!
Seller: No response
Me: I REALLY want to buy the table (insert funny email quip here), I'll give you $10 more!
Seller: Too bad you didn't email earlier! You're email was super funny and I would have given you right of first refusal - but I just sold it.
Me: Crap

Table #3
Me: Can I have more pics of the table?
Seller: (1 day later) Sure here they are.
Me: Looks great - can I haggle a little (insert offer here) - It's CL right? I should be able to haggle?
Seller: Sorry already got a full price offer.
Me: Crap!!!

Table #4 (Really beat up, didn't really like the chairs, getting desperate)
Me: Has anyone purchased this table yet? Can I come look at it?
Seller: Someone is coming tonight I'll tell you if they buy it.
Me: Okay...(yeah I'm screwed)
Seller: Sorry they bought it.
Me: Sorry Mom and Bob, cat scratcher and recycling bin it is...

Mom and Bob arrive... (we end up using computer room chairs)

Table #5 Totally different style, very retro contemporary
Me: Micheal - what do you think about this table? I think it's awesome.
Micheal: Whatever you want babe (fearing the wrath of another table lost)
Me: You're the best! Email: I'm interested in this table, when can I come and buy it (I'm really stepping it up now, no more haggling/asking for more pics)
Seller: You can come by tomorrow before 4 or Sat after 3
Me: Okay when can we come tomorrow?
Seller: Crickets.......
Seller: Crickets.......
Me: Seriously?? CRAP!!!!!!!
Seller: Call me @...

I call, we talk and arrange the pick up, Mom, Bob, Micheal and I go and get the new table!


And for reading all of that crazy story, here is a sneak peak of the new (to me) set:

Oh yeah baby, that's a tiger print with FRINGE! Hot!


Ashley said...

I'm excited to see it!

Michelle said...

I love the table in the picture. Can't wait to see the one you got. :)