Sunday, March 14, 2010

What we learned this weekend

Again, not much (okay...nothing) done to the house this weekend...

I think we're in a bit of a house, funk - we've reached a place where nothing is falling down and any next step is a bigger project. Undertaking a big project right now is a scary thought for me because we have SO much going on. I'm interviewing for externships this month, March Madness (GO HAWKS!!), dissertating, parents visiting soon... So I think I need to make a list of small projects, or parse out a larger project (maybe..the kitchen?!) into smaller parts we can work on getting done.

So with no housework what did we learn this weekend?

1. There is a Nordstrom Rack 15 minutes from my house!!! (Only 1 minute from where I work on Tuesdays...) Amazing and dangerous news all at once.

2. Filing taxes as a married homeowner is WAY more exciting than a single renter.

3. I have an internet addiction (shocker) - I was allowing the computer to distract me from KU games! :-o!! I re-learned that I enjoy KU games much more with the computer to the side rather than in my lap.

4. When fighting the the insurance evil underlords don't give up...sometimes you might ACTUALLY get your way!

5. My mom and step-dad are coming on April 8th!! WOO HOO!!

6. The regular inhabitants of our back yard are now up to: 4 deer, 2 fox(es?), a orange Morris cat, a gray and a black squirrel. The black squirrel is the alpha squirrel, he tortures the gray squirrel.

7. Maryland is likely the MOST difficult place to get your car tagged and titled. If you want to get a tag make sure to bring your ID, your marriage license (if you were recently married), proof of insurance, a DNA sample, an affidavit for your first born... (I finally got it done though!)

So we're going to try and get our motivation up and get some stuff done! Of course this will all be planned around March Madness and my overall #1 Jayhawks!!

Upcoming Posts: The Kitchen Plan: Smaller Steps to a Larger Goal.

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