Monday, March 8, 2010

What we learned this weekend

We didn't do much other than dissertate this weekend...did we learn anything?

KU is way better at basketball than Mizzou....nope, already knew that.

One disadvantage to having my office in the basement is it's on the same level as the litter box (which can lead to some major stench...)

So no, didn't learn much this weekend so instead of "What we learned" I'll replace it with "What we bought!!"

12 sheets of mosaic tile! 2 square feet...for the amazingingly LOW price of (drumroll please...)

ONE DOLLAR A SHEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

We hit up Community Forklift right as they were bringing in surplus mosaic tile. A tile store had gone out of business and thrown it all into the dumpster! There were some really pretty red and slate tiles that we were trying to "work" into a kitchen plan but ultimately decided that we didn't want to plan the kitchen colors around tile. So we picked this neutral tile to go in the floor of our shower when we renovate it.

This was all when we thought it was going to be like $3.50 a sheet, but the guy up front was saying $1 a sheet so we went with it. Pretty sure that deal wasn't going to last very long once the dust settled so we took our deal and headed outta there.

So now we have flooring and tile for our master bathroom! Squee!! We'll just keep compiling and it'll happen someday. :)

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Jolene said...

Only thing that could have made that better would have been finding it in the dumpster....