Monday, December 14, 2009

What we learned this weekend

Hey all, I know I missed this post last week – many many apologies.  We made some progress this weekend with the trim and I’m stoked!  The refinished baseboard trim looks ah-mazing, looks like new and the choice of the trim vs the round has a clean polished look.

Well, without further ado…

1. When experimenting with design on any project (particularly furniture) try it on one piece first to see if you like it.  If you don’t and you paint it on every drawer…and then you hate it…you’re going to be super annoyed when you have to sand it all off.

2. The Montgomery County Police department has an excellent response time – people need to find another dark street for their shenanigans!!

3. We need to invest in security lights, pronto.

DSC022654. Sometimes helpful little “as seen on TV’esque” tools really aren’t that helpful, but sometimes they rock!  As was the case with this handy little guy ----------------->

A review of handy dandy edging tool to follow!

5. The Community Forklift is like a meat locker in the winter!!  It was fa-reeeezing, so cold in fact we couldn’t even stay to shop!  We’ll be bundling up next time!


6. Pottery Barn charges 85 bucks for 3 pieces of 1/4 inch pine glued together – crazy!  We’ll be using this inspiration to build some floating shelves for the wall in our bedroom.

7. We TOTALLY should have made insulating the attic a priority, our house gets COLD!

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