Monday, October 5, 2009

What We Learned This Weekend

1. That the first time you clean out your gutters it is exciting and fulfilling because you're actually maintaining your house. (No guarantees on how exciting it will be the second...third...fourth cleaning...)

2. Listing on craigslist free can be very reinforcing! I listed a whole lot of random coax cable, 2 old satellite dishes and 3 old satellite boxes (all random leftovers from the previous owners) and within THIRTY seconds I had an email from someone wanting to come get them. One man's trash is another man's treasure!

3. Micheal prefers circles to stripes and we can agree on circles!

4. That to keep from burning things in my new/old gas oven I need to turn it down by 25 degrees, move the rack to the highest spot, put a cookie pan under it and put another pan at the bottom to diffuse the heat. WHEW!

5. I looooove my new rug!! It feels good on your feet particularly when dancing on it!

6. Do NOT spray paint inside!! It leaves a nasty over-spray on your floor and you end up with brown-pawed kitties!

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