Monday, October 12, 2009

Things we learned this weekend

A weekend without home renovation...what a novel idea! Jason and Jolene (my brother and sister-in-law) came to visit this weekend as our first official house guests and we had a great weekend. It was so much fun to take a weekend off from house work, do some fun touristy DC things that we had yet to do, eat good food, keep good company, and laugh...a lot! I'll share some pictures of the trip later but I didn't want to skip "Things we learned this weekend" even though they weren't necessary home renovation related. :)

1. While Kali is the first to greet guests and get petted, she evidently has no interest in them staying for much longer than the evening. She pouted in the basement for the past three days only coming up for Fancy Feast and the occasional kibble snack!

2. Some cupcakes are worth waiting in line for an hour for..(I think...)

3. You don't need four chairs to sit down and enjoy a meal with friends/family, two chairs, a cat scratching post, and a recycling bin work just fine as long as you're in good company.

4. My brother eats...a lot...

5. George Washington Carver likely invented peanut butter but J. Kellogg patented it.

6. Chaka Kahn drives a Ford Probe GT.

7. Peyton Manning should wear a shirt that reads "You can't get this..."

Jason and Jolene, we had a great time this weekend. Thank you so much for coming to visit us, rolling with the punches, being flexible and mostly for helping us take some time to enjoy DC!


The Shove Household said...

Ok so I didn't think it could be as funny all over, but it is... We want to make a deal. You bring us Georgetown cupcakes when you come, and we will bring you Taco Casa when we come.

Kari said...

Umm...Let see how this is a fair trade...I have to wait in line for an hour and pay 2.50 a cupcake (and DC tax) and you get to walk right in, order burritos at 1.89...

Alright, it's a deal - my first burrito was soooo good tonight!