Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catching up!

So I wanted the blog to be a bit more "together" before we released it to the public but with limited time to just sit and mess with the layout the blog, like the house, will be a work in process. So now we're going to catch you up on some projects that are in progress!

The Master Bedroom - Wow this room was special...

Not only was the wallpaper lovely, the yellow and blue paint was a cheap oil-based paint painted over latex. It is NOT a good idea to used oil-based paint over latex, it just peels right off and leaves a nasty finish.

The renovation plan:
1. Strip wallpaper (check!)
2. Sand & repair walls (check!)
3. Prime & paint walls (check!)
4. Stripe & paint trim (partially complete)
5. Paint ceiling (still to do)
6. Replace ugly can lights in ceiling with a ceiling fan (still to do)

Kari's How To Guide for Stripping Wallpaper

So in our house there are a few decisions that need to be made before starting any project. First - do we have everything that we need or do we need to make a Home Depot run; Second - is this a one person or two person job; and Third - Is this a kitty friendly or not kitty friendly job?

What you'll need to strip the wallpaper - a sprayer of some sort (I used a garden sprayer - super time saver!), fabric softener, scraper (metal or rubber), and a plastic drop cloth.

This is a one person job, it might go a bit faster with two but it was easily done with just one. Also, this is not a kitty friendly job - it makes a huge mess! So we had to put the cats up in another room (as we currently have no door on our MBR.)

So, fill your sprayer with warm water and put in some fabric softener - I don't have exact measurements, I generally "feel" things out as I go (Micheal hates this...) Before you start spraying or scraping put down your drop cloth, it will make cleanup SO much easier. Then spray down the seams of the wallpaper. At first I was spraying all of the wallpaper and this worked, but I found it much more effective to just spray the seams to get the peeling started and the rest of the paper peeled much easier when dry.

My wallpaper came off in two layers, the outside paper and the layer underneath with the glue. Work in panels, spray a seam - let it set for about 2-3 minutes and tear down that panel. Then saturate the remaining glue/paper layer and let it sit for 5-10 minutes. For me it nearly fell off the wall when I put the scraper to it. Using this method I got the wall done in about a half and hour and didn't have to actually "scrape" any wallpaper off, it just peeled and fell off as I went.

The process:

You can see all steps in this photo - on the left is the clean wall, in the middle is the glue/paper layer that needs to be saturated and peeled, and on the right is the lovely wallpaper.

Clean all that up and then patch any holes that are in the wall. We had to removed several sheet rock anchors that left pretty big holes in the wall so that was a fun process. After you've patched your holes (we used the hole-patching material that comes in a tube and turns from pink to white when dry) sand the patched spaces and the old paint on the walls. Clean all the dust off the walls, tape, prime and paint!

We used one coat of primer since the yellow was easily covered and then painted with a Low VOC paint called Harmony from Sherwin Williams. It was AMAZING, almost no smell at all! Good for us and good for the environment. It took two coats of green paint to get the the color and consistency that we wanted.

We have now taken down all the trim to refinish it...(that will be another post...) and are hoping to finish this room up soon! Leave us some love in the comment box, anyone can leave comments even if you don't have a Blogger or Gmail account. I'm trying to set up an option so you can subscribe to updates by email. Check back soon for more updates!

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