Monday, August 13, 2012

What's New at F2F

The past several weeks have been a firestorm of activity. I finished and defended my dissertation, Kari is finishing her internship and preparing to start her post-doc, we moved her into a new townhouse, and we spent five days in Seville, Spain. Now with the possibility of life slowing down a little we should be posting more frequently. We have a basement full of vintage furniture, a teak wood patio set, and several unfinished renovations, so we will have plenty to write about. 

Last weekend we endured the heat and ventured to Community Forklift, a nonprofit reuse center for home improvement and architectural salvage. We probably spent over an hour just wondering around, half of that time I spent digging through several deep stacks of trim, the other half was spent daydreaming about things we could build using some of the unique pieces lying around. I think Kari is worse than me, I think most of the time she spent digging through an endless array of boxes filled with tile and playing around in the lighting aisle.

Vintage General Electric metal kitchen cabinets

Apothecary glassware
Vintage iron grates and accessories
A small sample of building materials, there are rows of doors, wood planks and hardwood floors, bathroom fixtures , etc.


Nutbird said...

So what's a post doc? Is it more clinical work? What was your dissertation on, Doctor? I'll take everything in the second picture. Ann

KLS said...

Hi Ann! I have to do a year of "post-doctoral" clinical work before I can get licensed. The hoops are never ending!