Friday, July 18, 2014

Metro Steals - Mid Century Craigslist Finds for under $151

Yeah, we don't post often enough. We want to, we talk about it, and then we don't. So think about our blog posts like the cherries in a fruit cup. There aren't very many of them, but you value the one or two in your cup! :) (Or at least I hope you do.)

I swore off craigslist for a while because we had (and still have) way too much stuff. But something got me started again recently and that old itch is back. So this is how I cope with it. Post things for someone ELSE to buy so I don't buy them myself.

Pair of Mersman Side Tables $150

Sexy Legs!

Lane Coffee Table (Broken Glass) - $20

Micheal and I actually considered buying this as it would not be too expensive to replace the glass and it would be a very pretty table!

Starburst Clock - $65

Very atomic and you can replace the plugin clock movement with a battery operated one pretty easily so no ugly cords running down the wall.

Bentwood Nesting Tables - $60

These would look FAB-O stained a darker color (not a fan of blonde)

Pair of Mid Century Lamps - $20

This is a GREAT deal for this pair of lamps. I actually emailed about them but they're all the way down in Mt. Vernon. Blah too far. But someone on the southern part of the beltway could get a nice deal!

Retro Mid Century Lamps - $50

Holy wow are those bold. I don't actually like the lamps, but the shades appear to be in good condition and those tiered shades can be hard to come by!

Vintage Light-Up Globe - $20

I'm actually nervous to post this...Micheal might try to buy it. Someone else buy it quick!

White Mid Century Lamp - $30

I'm surprised this is still available (going by the "updated" date craigslist now has at the bottom of it's listings.) I think it's really pretty!

Capiz Shelling Hanging Light - $30

This is a STEAL and I really like it.

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