Monday, September 9, 2013


Wow folks - it's hard to believe I'm back home after two long years. I'm not sure Micheal believes it yet, still kind of feels like an extended vacation. But I'm not going anywhere, so it should settle in soon! Right now we're going through the daunting process of reintegrating two households again. Pretty sure we're going to have to have a garage sale this fall or perhaps rent a space at the Arlington Flea! (I bet you know which gets my vote!)

I spent the last week sleeping, slowly putting things away, cooking, sleeping, and watching bad TV. Post post-doc I am still on the hunt for the perfect job, so right now I'm a housewife! Which means lots of fun posts coming up!

And here is the first...

Yesterday the evil Pepco people came out to trim the trees around our house and when we went out to make a shopping run Micheal noticed a baby squirrel on the ground. He had not even opened his eyes yet! I ran to grab a box and look up where to take abandoned or injured wildlife. The Pepco guy said he had seen them and he thought there were three. We scoured the yard and found one other one who was a little more alert so we're hoping either he counted wrong or the other guy was a little more developed and had scurried off.

Aren't they adorable!! I was very lucky to find Second Chance Wildlife Center up in Gaithersburg, MD who takes in and rehabilitates wildlife and then releases them back into the wild. It was a bit out of the way but worth it knowing these babes were going to be well taken care of. Check out their website, there are some pretty cool stories of animal rescues!

More soon! - K

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