Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Craigslist Roundup!

I can't let Micheal show me up with posts!! Hi honey!

So I'll drop some mid-century beauty from DC on ya - addiction, thy name is craigslist!

Beautiful Bedside Tables - $250
Love these guys, especially the little lip on the back. It would keep Moshe from pushing stuff off behind them...

Squatty Green Chair - $175
No cat scratching, looks clean, SCORE!

Bamboo and Glass Side Table - $50
This is a nice price and I would spray paint it, but some people love that vintage gold. :)

Someone needs to buy these next two!! Separated at birth!!

Put your clothes away...
Sculptura Dresser - $350

and then go to bed!
Sculptura Bed - $200
If I weren't cheap, I would totally buy this. Today. Yesterday.

Brasilia Credenza - $325
I need this. That is all.

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