Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lawn Mowing Made Awesome

This weekend all the neighbors mowed their lawns, I use the term "mowed" loosely since the nextdoor neighbor uses a weed-eater to slice away at the small section of front yard they have between the sidewalk and the street - the aftermath is always hilarious, with various heights of grass usually cut in a semi-circle swathes.

We opted for letting the yard flourish another week. I spent the weekend working on my dissertation and Kari had paperwork to catch up on, so it was a riveting weekend of nonstop excitement.

Distracting myself over the weekend I found this picture of undoubtedly the greatest lawnmower ever conceived. I don't have any info on its' majesty, but I'm impressed. If we win the lottery, not only would I mow the yard far more frequently, I would trounce all the tuner cars in the neighborhood.

1 comment:

Nutbird said...

Are you sure it's a lawn mower? It looks more like a snow plow!