Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Landscaping, Nixing Bushes

The past few weeks we have finished a few projects, most notable my dresser and a small record cabinet. We have also been discussing larger projects like insulating the attic, reconfiguring our entry door, and building a front deck. However, this weekend I opted to work on the yard. Landscaping is a challenge because our front and back yard are inclined and the front bushes were probably put in to lessen erosion. Ultimately we want to terrace the front yard. Not sure on the design yet, but I'm a fan of mixing metal I-beams and wood.

Once all the bushes were pulled I tried to level the slope of the front yard and unintentionally succeeded in pulling all the creeping quackgrass and smooth crabgrass.

I pulled the first bush with the pick axe and quickly decided to use the truck and tow chain for the remaining ones.

The days are numbered for the remaining bushes in the front yard. Our wishlist includes putting in a simple narrow wood deck with large planters. Need to start playing the lottery.

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